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Sunday Confessional: I Snooped in His Medicine Cabinet

My guy friend had an early holiday/housewarming party on Friday night. He wanted to keep everyone downstairs since the upstairs was a mess, but there was a long line for the bathroom so I asked him if I could use the one on the second floor — he obliged. It's a split so the sink and shower is in the room next door to the toilet. When I went to wash my hands, I didn't bother to close the door — I assumed I was alone up there. There was no soap by the sink so I opened his medicine cabinet to see if I could find something to wash my hands with. I didn't find any soap, but I did find numerous pill bottles. My curiosity got the best of me and just as I picked up one of the bottles to read the label, my friend walked upstairs to check on me.

In a stern voice he asked me what I was doing while simultaneously snatching the pill bottle out of my hand. He told me to get out of his room so I ran downstairs, grabbed my purse, and left. I clearly made one of my dear friends feel incredibly uncomfortable and violated in his own home and I feel terrible. I've been calling him nonstop to apologize, but he won't return any of my messages. Can I be forgiven for snooping in my friend's medicine cabinet?

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