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Sunday Confessional: I Told My Niece Santa Isn't Real

Sunday Confessional: I Told My Niece Santa Isn't Real

Dear Sugar,

My younger sister has an 8-year old daughter, and she and her husband live really close by. My husband and I went over there last week to help decorate their Christmas tree. When my sister was in the kitchen, my niece said to me, "I heard some kids on the bus say that Santa isn't real, and that your parents are the ones who get you presents. Is that true?" I felt like she was old enough to know the truth, and since she brought it up, I said, "Well, those kids are right. Santa and the whole story of the North Pole is all made up." Then my niece said, "Yeah I thought so. I did think it was pretty impossible for one guy to deliver all those presents in one night."

Then my sister walked in and said, "What kind of cookies should we make for Santa this year?" My niece said, "Don't worry mom. I know Santa isn't real, so you can stop talking about him."

My sister dragged me into the kitchen demanding to know what I told her. I said that I didn't come right out and break the news to her, that she asked if Santa was real and I couldn't lie. My sister brought up how when we were kids, I told her the truth about Santa and it practically ruined Christmas for her, and that I had no right to ruin Christmas for her daughter. Then she said, "I think it's time for you to leave now."

It's been a few days and I've apologized a hundred times, but my sister is still mad at me. Shouldn't I be forgiven for this little mistake?


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