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Sunday Confessional: I've Never Had an Orgasm

Sunday Confessional: I've Never Had an Orgasm

This week's confession comes from our anonymous Confession Booth group in the TrèsSugar Community. Weigh in with your advice below.

Nope, nada, nothing. The big "O" is probably as much as a mystery to me as it is to any guy.

I've tried it all. Same story, every partner, each time. Masturbation, vibrators, fantasy, role play, different positions. I've tried dwelling on the thought of the orgasm through sex, I've tried not thinking about it at all. I've tried focusing on my muscles, the feeling of my body, the feeling of his body.  Reading articles on how to make it happen. Focusing on exactly what it is he's doing to me. Focusing on exactly what it is I'm doing to him . . . and etc. It just doesn't happen.

And really, it's not a huge deal to me. Sure, I'd love to be able to relate to all my friends when we get together and start talking about our sex lives. I usually just take a nice big gulp of my drink, and listen in. I'm definitely the only girl I know that hasn't had one (though, I kind of wonder who's lying . . . I've never heard screams of ecstasy come from my roommate's room!)

But I enjoy sex on a lot of different levels. I focus on the bonding of two bodies as one. I focus on the emotional aspect of it, I focus on the physical. I focus on the energy and electricity going through our bodies and the fun that we're having. I still make mindless, NOT fake, noises that keep my boyfriend turned on and let him know that I'm enjoying it as well (even if you're not having an orgasm, if you or guy knows what he's doing- it's going to feel good!) I really believe that it effects my boyfriend more so than it affects me, he hates not being able to get me off. But he understands that it's not something I exactly have a say in. I've talked to my doctor about it and she said it could very well be another five or ten years before I have one (I'm a 20 year old female, so I'm fairly young anyway) and in the mean time try to avoid stress and keep "practicing." (Yes, ma'am!)

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