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Sunday Confessional: My Sister-in-Law Won't Speak to Me

Sunday Confessional: My Sister-in-Law Won't Speak to Me

Dear Sugar--

I have a serious problem. My sister-in-law and her husband were looking for an apartment and my husband volunteered our home for one week until they could find one. This one week has turned into 3 excruciatingly long months and they still haven't found a place yet.

These 3 months might seem like no big deal, but they have felt like an eternity to me. It was fun in the beginning, and I know they really appreciate it, but it's gotten beyond annoying. They're always around and my husband and I are newlyweds and are desperately craving our privacy.

Having them around has also caused many arguments between my husband and I. He's frustrated that they're here, but since they're family he won't say anything even though it's clear they have overstayed their welcome. Well the other morning, I just couldn't take it anymore and my frustration got the best of me. I came down for breakfast and she had eaten the last 2 eggs that I was saving to make pancakes. I admittedly snapped and blurted out a bunch of stuff I shouldn't have said.

She got really upset and started crying (she's very emotional), and we both stormed out of the room. They were gone by the time I came home from work, but I found this really nasty note saying that she thought she could count on us and that family isn't supposed to let you down. She said she felt like I was insensitive, unloving, and selfish.

I feel a little guilty but also feel like we were more than hospitable to them. I've tried calling to check up on them, but she won't answer her cell phone and refuses to return my messages. Should I be forgiven for blowing my top and basically kicking them out?


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