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Sunday Horoscopes

  • ARIES: March 21st - April 19th
    A new friend could arrive today, Aries. You're probably going to like this person very much. He or she probably shares many of your interests. You could become close friends. The downside is that you aren't likely to see anyone as they really are, only an idealized picture. When you meet this person, make an effort to see the real person behind the mask and accept them as they are.
  • TAURUS: April 20th - May 20th
    If you've been thinking about a job change or even a new career, a chance encounter could provide the opportunity. However, Taurus, remember, "If something seems too good to be true, it probably is." Get the facts as clearly as you can. Consider all the ins and outs before committing yourself or getting too excited about it. If you still want to pursue the opportunity, go for it.
  • GEMINI: May 21st - June 21st
    A journey by air to a distant place might be on your mind, though you might not make it for a long time. Knowledge is important to you, and you can be insatiably curious. This is likely to be one of those days, Gemini. A friend or lover could bring some new information that sparks your curiosity, perhaps something related to astrology or the occult. You will want to pursue it.
  • CANCER: June 22nd - July 22nd
    The desire to beautify your home could hit you full force today, Cancer. Perhaps you're expecting visitors or house guests and want to make a good impression. You could prowl through antique stores looking for knickknacks. You might set your sights on doing something a bit more ambitious than you originally planned. Enjoy yourself, but be careful. You don't want to tire yourself out.
  • LEO: July 23rd - August 22nd
    A new neighbor could arrive who you feel especially drawn to, Leo. You might have high hopes for a friendship with this person. He or she may seem especially congenial and share a lot of your interests, and this could seem almost too perfect. However, you're in just the mood to idealize new relationships, so don't get too excited until you get to know this person better.
  • VIRGO: August 23rd - September 22nd
    You could be feeling especially sociable today. Maybe there's a party of some kind in your neighborhood. You could hear some good news, and there is probably some truth to it, but take everything you hear through the grapevine with a grain of salt. Not everything you hear is based on fact. If you can, go to someone in a position to know and find out from him or her.
  • LIBRA: September 23rd - October 22nd
    You're feeling especially loving, attractive, and romantic, so romance is likely to be on your mind. Romantic novels and movies could seem especially appealing. If you're currently involved, you will probably receive a lot of attention from your mate. If not, expect to receive admiring glances from those around you, including strangers! You could meet a potential date, but take care to get to know this person before getting too excited.
  • SCORPIO: October 23rd - November 21st
    An increased level of ESP and imagination could have you feeling more creative and artistic. You might want to channel this energy into writing, painting, or adding touches to your living room. You're likely to be especially attuned to the thoughts and feelings of others, particularly family. You could grow closer, especially if you sense what they need even before they do.
  • SAGITTARIUS: November 22nd - December 21st
    An attractive neighbor with whom you seem to share a bond could become a friend. A group you're affiliated with could be expressing highly idealized goals and purposes. These goals are likely to be admirable, Sagittarius, but they may not be all that realistic. Bear that in mind before committing to any course of action. You need more facts before you can proceed.
  • CAPRICORN: December 22nd - January 19th
    Dreams of a new career could fill your mind today, perhaps because of too much stress in your current one. You might even think of becoming a movie star! Go for your dream if you feel it's what you want, Capricorn. Remember that any moneymaking enterprise, no matter how creative, is still a business. Make use of your natural business talent to find out what you need to know.
  • AQUARIUS: January 20th - February 18th
    Spiritual goals may be at the top of your priority list now, Aquarius. You may be looking for metaphysical seminars or meditation workshops, perhaps taking place in a distant state or foreign country. You're likely to find it difficult to make a decision about any options right now. Whatever you're considering, make sure you know all the facts before making a choice of any kind.
  • PISCES: February 19th - March 20th
    Lovely dreams could spark your imagination and get your artistic abilities going. You could learn a lot about yourself and whatever has been limiting you. Write down whatever comes your way so you can work with it later, but don't try to make sense of it today. Wait a while and then consider everything in a more practical light. You may be surprised at the difference in you.

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