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TV Networks Reject Ad Questioning Obama's Citizenship

TV Networks Reject Ad Questioning Obama's Citizenship

Oh, that liberal media and its gatekeeping television networks. They won't let the professional-looking spend its American dollars on air time. The ad compiles all the Obama-isn't-an-American-citizen rumors into one minute, most of which I can't find credible sources for — on either side. Though the citizenship dispute is disproved on

What are the allegations?

  • Obama refuses to release his original birth certificate.
  • His Kenyan grandmother said she remembers him being born in Kenya.
  • Obama (or is he?) attended school in Indonesia under his stepfather's last name, Sottero.
  • He traveled to Pakistan in 1981 when it was illegal for US residents.

The ad works its way up to the final crescendo: "Fact: The Constitution still matters." Except, maybe, that's really more of an opinion. To see the video,



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