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Texas Republicans Vote for Clinton — Good Strategy?

Not sure if you caught The Notion link in Link Time about Rush Limbaugh's master plan to help Republicans win. The conservative radio personality urged Texas Republicans to vote for Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary. On Tuesday night, Rush told Fox News:

They're in the midst of tearing themselves apart right now. It is fascinating to watch, and it's all going to stop if Hillary loses.

I've heard accounts from Texas poll workers, who say Republicans in fact voted for Clinton. One Texan Republican, turned Hillary "supporter," wanted her vote to count, but was angered by the big "Democrat" stamp placed on her ballot. You can't have your spoiler and eat it, too!

The Dems have tried this trick before. urged Michigan Dems to vote for Mitt Romney. What do you think about Rush's strategy? Are the Republicans benefiting from a drawn-out Democratic primary?


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