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Things He Should Know: Locker Room Only

When you first start dating someone, you both stay on your best behavior. Later, it's soothing the way you feel comfortable doing anything in front of each other, and how entirely yourself you can be. But if you want to keep the romance alive, fellas, there's a small list of things you might want to share strictly with your buddies. We promise to keep some stuff strictly girl friend, too!

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As the honeymoon period recedes and you begin revealing more everyday behaviors, things like belching, passing gas, picking your nose, cutting your toenails in bed, and talking about bodily functions should be off limits, unless you clear it first with your gal. The tips below might help you fly right.

  • Get to know what foods make you gassy and avoid them if you're planning to spend the night with your lady
  • The most common culprits are broccoli, beans, onions, garlic, spicy foods, dairy, fried food, soda and beer, and anything with carbonation
  • Eating too fast wreaks havoc on your stomach and creates a lot of gas. Slow down your eating and make sure to chew your food properly
  • To avoid an upset stomach, eat in a calm environment. Don't eat on the road or standing over the sink. Enjoy your meal and chew with your mouth closed. Not only is it a no-no, but chewing with your mouth open lets in excess air, which can cause gas
  • Antacids are your friends. Beano, Tums, and Gas-X are all effective and easy to find over the counter. Keep them handy

I don't mean to cramp your style or kill your fun, fellas, because we love the clown in you as much as the gentleman. But some things are best expressed when the ladies aren't around.


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