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Things He Should Know: Quality Matters Part II

I hope all the ladies out there sent Tuesday's Things He Should Know to the men in your life -- brother, boy friends and boyfriends -- who needed a few pointers in the bedroom department. Now we'll cover the bathroom, the other tricky and important room for girl visitors.

Fellas, I feel like I shouldn't have to say this, but clean is everything! And now that you have your girlfriend comfortable and cozy in your bedroom, make sure she's comfy in the bathroom, too.

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Since a sleepover involves a shower, fellas, we need you to know that girls will not abide a filthy shower. You know that nasty ring around the tub? That buildup in the corners where you keep your shampoo and soap? Well, it doesn't matter it's near water: it's extremely dirty and unsightly to boot. Please scrub it, hon.

Fungus and bacteria live in the shower so it's best to use a cleaner containing bleach, at least twice a week. Germs can line the walls, so don't keep your toothbrush in the shower. I know it seems easier, but it could be making you sick.

Also, how old is your shower curtain? Do you own a curtain liner? The liner, usually made of vinyl, prevents water from spilling all over the bathroom floor, and it should stay tucked into the tub while the actual curtain should hang over the outside.

When it comes to your towels, the thicker the better. One of the best things about staying in a good hotel is the plush towels! If your towel is too thin, it won't absorb the moisture very well. Turkish cotton terry is what you want to aim for when towel shopping, and all retailers offer an array of colors, patterns, and thicknesses.

The best way to shop for towels is to touch and feel them, and as with sheets, every good store has an annual sale; stock up. If a towel feels scratchy, skip it. If it feels thick, soft and plush, that's a keeper! Remember to buy a full set, including the bath mat, hand towels, wash cloths, and bath towels. The king of towels is the 802-805 gram weight plush variety, but those could set you back a pretty penny. Note: the more you wash your towels, the more absorbent they get!

Throw in a few candles, a full supply of toilet paper, a good soap, a bottle of conditioner, and you'll be winning major points with your lady. Attention to detail is sexy. Really.


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