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18 Things Only Girls With Small Boobs Understand

Sep 22 2015 - 8:00am

Back in the early days of adolescence, being well-endowed in the breast department seemed like a pretty big deal. Maybe you were teased by boys and asked if you were wearing cardboard under your shirt (yes, this most definitely happened to . . . a friend of mine), or maybe you were busy buying padded push-up bras to give illusions of bigger boobs. Either way, it was on the mind. As we got older and wiser, the, ahem, perks of having smaller boobs became apparent — and thank you Keira Knightley for being our celebrity spirit animal [1] — but we can't say we don't still wonder sometimes what it might be like with a bit more in the way of breasts. Here are some things that small-breasted women will understand about going through life armed with only an A cup.

You got the middle school pep talk from your parents when you stressed about not being more like your bustier friends.

You look up to famous women who share your small boob status.

Emma Watson [2], Keira Knightley [3], and Kate Hudson [4] . . . we're talking to you!

You mastered the art of stuffing around age 13.

Running, jumping, and general movement is never painful, even without a bra on.

The letter A means something different to you than it does to most people.

You cherish the wonderful moment when you find the shirt or dress that makes your boobs look bigger.

Most strapless bras and bathing suits are unwearable, because there is basically nothing there to hold them up.

No bra? No problem.

You are constantly trying to make cleavage happen.

Alas, it still eludes us!

You save money on bras because you’ve been wearing the same ones since you hit puberty.

You want to get pregnant because it means going up in the breast-size department.

Oh, and babies are cool, too . . .

Victoria's Secret doesn't carry anything smaller than a 34B in their lingerie pieces, so you have to search elsewhere.

Really, VS? Not cool.

Sagging will never be an issue.

Perky for life!

You avoid boob-related accidents and unintentional swipes from strangers, because there's not much to hit!

Sleeping or lying on your stomach is a nonissue. In fact, it's quite comfy.

You feel a deep bond with other members of the IBTC.

You rock your other assets extra hard.

You've learned to love what you've got! Small boobs are awesome!

All boobs are awesome!

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