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The Top 10 Things I'm So Over Seeing on Tinder Profiles

May 19 2014 - 1:30pm

This one's for the serial Tinder daters. My unfortunate experiences with Tinder have been well-documented [1], but good news, people, I don't give up easily. As the resident expert on the hot dating app of the moment, I've encountered my fair share of weird profiles. Even more disturbing, I've noticed some trends. Girls, you'll probably relate to these frustrations, and guys, well, listen up.

Source: Twitter user TheEllenShow [2]

Dudes Who Hate the Indoors

Why do you all hike? And camp? And bungee jump? And go spelunking? And cave dive? What happened to the guys who like to eat brunch and lie around on Sundays?

Pictures With Dogs That Aren't Yours

"I can't wait to hang out with your dog! Wait, what do you mean that's your friend's dog? This is over."

So Many Selfies

One is OK, but when it's clear you've taken every picture of yourself, it just looks sad. Bonus sad points if they're all mirror selfies.

So Many Group Shots


Only Pictures With Sunglasses

What are you hiding? LET ME SEE YOUR FACE.

Your Middle Finger Up

Why are you flipping me off? I thought you were trying to date me?

Dudes Who Love Whiskey

I would have never realized that apparently the entire male population loves aged whiskey. Thanks, Tinder.

Pictures With (Other) Hot Girls

I get it; you convinced women to hang out with you one time. Unless it's clearly specified that it's your sister, she doesn't belong in your profile.

Your Myers-Briggs Personality ID

ISTJ? EDFP? ENTJ? What are you talking about/I don't care.

"Don't Bother Right-Swiping If . . ."

I know I'm a hypocrite, whatever.

Source: OWN [3]

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