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Tips For Traveling Alone

5 Tips For Traveling Abroad Solo

After an OnSugar user requested advice for traveling abroad alone, I turned the question over to all of you. Whether it's for traveling to the rural edges of a countryside or a city center, here are your lessons learned from experience.

  • "Stay at smaller, boutique hotels. Of course you can get good customer service anywhere, but I found that the staff at these hotels took more of a personal interest in what I was doing (but not in a creepy, needing to know way, more in a advice-giving way). Maybe I am just paranoid, but I also felt safer knowing that they recognized the people staying at the hotel and would have been more likely to notice if, say, I didn't come back for two days or something." — lilkimbo
  • "If you're visiting a non-English speaking country, make a point to learn some local words and phrases like "Hello, How much? Water? Toilet? Thank you." They're useful during emergencies and the locals are more willing to help you when they see you make an effort." — provocative
  • "Toilet paper and granola bars. TP can be used for its obvious purpose and also as a tissue, a plate, and a thousand other things. Granola bars because then no matter the travel hold ups or otherwise you have something to get you by. Also, when you get a bad belly from travel foods or water your body always does better with something bland and familiar." — mrsld
  • "Email your itinerary to a friend/family member in the United States and have a rule that you'll check in via email everyday or every other day." — ocgrl527
  • Bring a laptop/iPad, or not: Spacekatgal suggests splurging for an iPad to double as a computer, but lilkimbo says consider where you're going first. "I've heard from countless travel agents that having a piece of technology like that makes you a huge target for crime," she said. "I would just go with a basic smartphone because it is nice to have maps at your fingertips."

Add yours below!

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