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Top 10 Couple Costumes

Getting sexy for Halloween is fun, but getting a date and going with a theme can be really fun too. Since the plug and socket is overdone, I've come up with a few new and creative costume ideas for couples, so check them out below!

  1. Naughty '50s Housewife and a Post Man — Go ahead and make fun of a silly stereotype!
  2. Ball and Chain — A couple's classic, but not as popular as the plug and socket.
  3. Hillbilly Honeymooners — All you need are a couple of beer helmets and some flip-flops.
  4. Mario and the Princess — Everyone always does Mario and Luigi, but I never see the Princess.
  5. Any of the couples from The Office — This is for those of you who really like to get into character!
  6. To see the rest, just


  7. Juno and Paulie, from Juno — Perfect for quirky couples! Plus, don't you want to see your man in some short shorts?
  8. Plumber and a Faulty Pipe — It might not be the sexiest costume, but it's kinky.
  9. Heidi and Spencer, of The Hills — This is fun because you can have an excuse to get in every picture!
  10. Freudian Slip — He's Freud; you wear a slip. Easy and creative.
  11. Go as each other — My absolute favorite if you're going out with mutual friends.

Have you ever dressed up with your man? If so, what were you guys?


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