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Top 10 Products That Scream All-American . . . But Aren't

Top 10 Products That Scream All-American . . . But Aren't

What do Budweiser, Church's Chicken, and Toll House cookies have in common? Not that they're the fixins of a perfect three-course meal (or that they're all brown, though that occurred to me judging from the pic) these goodies all made The List Universe's list of "Top 10 American Icons That Are Not American." We took a peek at 10 decidedly Made-in-the-USA products a while back — comparing the two lists, it seems like Firestone Tires (Japan) are the anti-Harley Davidson (USA.)

Also on the list of "you're not from around here, are you?" Dial soap, Holiday Inn, and 7-Eleven. The stories behind the products are pretty fetch: for instance, Church's Chicken was invented across the street from the Alamo, but was sold in 2004 to an Islamic venture capital firm in Bahrain. The company doesn't invest in any businesses who deal in pork or porn among other items prohibited by Sharia law, a position that's gotten the business sued by franchise owners.

Though the roots of a product are a little different than the politics of a company, do you pay attention to where something comes from before you buy? Check out the whole list to see the story behind the products and where they're from.

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