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Top 50 Most Beautiful People on Capitol Hill

Doing the work of the people and being hot to boot? It almost seems unfair — being able to argue policy while looking flawless is an art, and The Hill rounds up the 50 prettiest politics wonks every year, and publishes a much anticipated list of the winners. Including a police officer, a politician's wife, and a Congressman, the list is cannily split 50-50, Republicans to Democrats. Let's meet them:

  1. Tulani Elisa, 24, a Democratic legislative assistant who says, "I'm very clumsy."

  2. Brecke Latham, a 28-year-old Republican who says she would date a Democrat if the opportunity arose. "I believe you can cross party lines for friendship and legislation."

  3. Hot Capitol Police officer! Roy Zimmerman is 28 — and engaged. Sorry.

  4. Elizabeth Kucinich, 30, wife of Dennis is striking — and says she has thoughts upstairs too: "People who get to know me know I have some brain cells knocking around as well."

  5. Kwame Canty, is a 27-year-old Democrat who's never had a girlfriend. He says, "I was a late bloomer."

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  1. Ivy Larsen, 26, and a married Republican says she grew up a "tomboy."

  2. Crystal Dollins is a 25 year-old Republican legislative correspondent and a double-dutch master.

  3. Emily Zammit, 24, is a Republican who says people think they recognize her, "probably because I'm so generic looking."

  4. Rep. Gresham Barrett (R-SC) has a great name and knows what's important. He says, "my daddy always told me you can tell a lot about a man by the way his shoes look. I try to shine my shoes and keep my tie straight."

  5. Kristina Spiegel, 27, is a Southern Democrat with a broad mission: "I want to affect public policy but I haven't decided how I would be most effective."

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