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The Top 6 Places to Vacation That Aren't So Scary Anymore

The Top 6 Places to Vacation That Aren't So Scary Anymore

Reputations die hard — especially when you're a gorgeous country who's historically been mired in conflict, giving you the reputation of "Warning! Tourists Keep Out!" Just today the US Embassy in Djibouti warned against American travel to the African port city — branding it scary in addition to its beauty.

For countries with historic conflict raging among dazzling nature, the economic impact lingers from not only the strife, but the lasting legacy of a scary reputation — shooing would-be vacationers away. The brilliant minds at ProTraveller have put together a stunning list of the top six places to make sure you see, as peacefulness is restored and splendor beckons.

  • Indonesia: (pictured here) If you thought the US had a hard time uniting politically, the 17,000 islands of Indonesia had bigger troubles. Since the first direct presidential election in 2004, the situation has improved, and the beaches make this tropical paradise worth the trip.

  • Cambodia: Recovering from a 1997 coup, assistance from other developed nations has opened the doors for visits to temples, beaches, and the striking city of Phnom Penh.
  • To see where else you should skip off to,


  • Angola: Topping lists of post-conflict countries developing peace, this Africa nation's rugged landscape is breathtaking.
  • Peru: Border conflict ceased in 1998, allowing travelers to once again head to the mountaintop city of Machu Pichu.
  • Northern Ireland: Twenty-five years of strife leading to the 1998 Belfast Agreement has unleashed this emerald gem, becoming a progressive country with a thriving city life.
  • Croatia: Though the 1990s saw a war for independence and recovery is ongoing, this EU and NATO hopeful boasts the lush countryside and coastline perfect for visiting.

Pack up your passport and leave your courage at home. Check out the full list for more guidebook-worthy pictures and reasons to go. These countries are on the mend with the welcome mat out.


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