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Top News Stories 2008-07-16 07:00:01

Front Page: Israel/Hezbollah Prisoner Swap, Consumer Prices Balloon, US Troops Abandon Afghan Outpost

  • Israel/Hezbollah Prisoner Swap:
    Israel and Lebanon's Hezbollah have completed their prisoner swap: Israel handed over five Lebanese prisoners and the bodies of 200 Lebanese and Palestinian fighters in exchange for the bodies of two soldiers, captured in 2006. Lebanon declared a national holiday to observe the swap, as now Israel holds no more Hezbollah militants.
  • Consumer Prices Balloon:
    A telling measure of inflation rose last month at its fastest rate in 16 years. The Consumer Price Index, which tracks prices of a batch of common household products, rose 1.1 percent in June; inflation accelerated last month at nearly twice the rate in May, when the index grew 0.6 percent. It was the largest monthly gain in the inflation indicator since June 1982.
  • US Troops Abandon Afghan Outpost:
    US troops have withdrawn from a remote outpost in northeastern Afghanistan, three days after Taliban militants tried to take over the base and left nine US soldiers dead. Though NATO has downplayed the withdrawal, Taliban militants and likely to claim victory in the move. On Sunday, the Taliban militants briefly broke through the incomplete defenses of the new post sparking hours of fierce fighting that killed nine US soldiers and many more insurgents.


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