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Top Sex Fetishes: Last Five

Yesterday, I told you about the first five of the Top 10 Sex Fetishes, according to Are you ready to hear the last five, most popular fetishes? They may surprise you!

5. Fingernails and lipstick: I know red lipstick and long red fingernails were a thing of the '80s, but some people are still obsessed with it. I guess there's something about perfectly puckered red lips — when you kiss them, lipstick smudges all over both people's faces, making men feel like they're having sex with a prostitute (something that's rebellious and taboo). As for the nails, some people absolutely love the feel of fingernails running along their backs, and they need it in order to get aroused.

4. Braids, ponytails, pigtails: This is the little-girl syndrome. Having sex with someone they perceive as young reminds them of a virgin, and also falls into the category of doing something that's wrong. Braids and long pigtails can also be used to whip or tickle a person, which is also a huge turn on. On the other hand, some women have a fetish for no hair, and they love rubbing a man's bald head.

Want to see the top three? Then


3. Water: There are so many forms of water (rain, the ocean, even a faucet), and all of them can be very arousing. People with this fetish love to either hear running water nearby or be in running water when they're getting it on.

2. Golden Showers: If you're not familiar with this term, it has to do with urinating on someone — in a weird way, it's all about control. If you like to urinate on someone, you like to feel superior and dominating, and are in a way degrading the other person. If you like to be urinated on, you are into submitting and having someone take control over you.

1. Voyeurism and exhibitionism: The first term has to do with watching others have sex, and the second term is all about exposing yourself (flashing) or allowing others to see you have sex. Watching porn is a form of voyeurism, and having sex in a public place (with the risk that someone could catch you) is a form of exhibitionism.

Pretty interesting stuff, huh! I'm sure you have plenty to say so please share your thoughts in the comments below!


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