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Top Ten Worst Presidents Ever!

Chin up, Mr. President Bush, sir! It's not all bad! OK, yes, 98 percent of historians think your presidency has been a failure, but that's just a silly survey. I found an amazing list of the Top Ten Worst Presidents, and you're not even on it!

There are a whole slew of scandals (Teapot Dome, Black Friday) an impeachment (nope, not him — think way back) a Great Depression even greater than the one we're hurtling into now, and a Folly! You haven't had an official folly yet! Get crackin'!

Here are the top (worst?) five from the hilarious and not historically unsound list of top ten worst:

  1. James Buchanan (oops Dred Scott...)
  2. Warren G. Harding (there's your Teapot Dome!)
  3. Franklin Pierce (Kansas-Nebraska Act?)
  4. Richard Nixon (Ohh, Watergate.)
  5. Andrew Johnson (And we have impeachment!)

So you see, Mr. President sir, there's a whole lot of history just as bad as what you're up against. But take a second to read the list, will you? There are quite a few months left of your big job! Let's learn and laugh together!

So. Do you think George W. Bush should have made that list?


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