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Toxic Friendship Advice

"I Want to Cut My Hurtful Friends Out of My Life"

This week's confession comes from our anonymous Confession Booth group in the TrèsSugar Community. Weigh in with your advice below.

In the past couple months, there have a been a couple semi-isolated incidents where each of my four closest friends have made me feel totally taken advantage of and not worth their time. These incidents have ranged from smaller things like ignoring attempts to make plans to spend time together, to much larger issues where safety, common sense, and basic manners haven't been taken into consideration. I'm a pretty reasonable person, but I am not the kind to let most people walk all over me. I've made exceptions for these friends for years, because we've been so close. Now, I've decided that enough's enough: I haven't spoken to any of them for lengths of time ranging from a couple days to a month and a half. During the month and a half, they haven't made any attempts to speak to me either. 

I'm reasonable, love my friends, and understand that by no means have I been a perfect friend either. But these incidents go beyond "I'm mad at you for breaking our plans last weekend so I'm going to ignore you for a few days" or whatever. These are incidents that have made me sad and hurt, have made my cry and have panic attacks in gas station parking lots (and I'm the most low-anxiety person ever, so that was a huge indicator to me). Going into details with other people, everyone's agreed that these friends have treated me like shit. But I'm feeling conflicted about basically making a conscious decision to cut these people out of my life/limit how much they're a part of it. That feels extreme to me. How would you react?

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