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Turned Off? Is Obama Saying No, No, No to Energy Solutions?

A new ad makes it clear that John McCain still thinks he has a winner with the gas tax holiday. Obama's opposition to the lower gas tax, which would save Americans minimal money at the pump, is featured in the ad which portrays Obama as saying nothing but "no" to solutions like nuclear power and new domestic oil production. It airs in four swing states.

Interestingly, the ad paints McCain as an agent of change in the Republican party — "pushing his own party to face climate change." (The RNC actually bought the ad so they must be OK with it.) That picture is contrasted to Obama's "97 percent party line voting."

Factcheck has concluded that the Republicans distorted Obama's record on energy. To see how,


The nonpartisan site points out that Obama proposed a $150 billion program to fund clean-energy technology last year, well before McCain proposed the $300 million prize for a battery powered car. As for nuclear energy, Obama has not ruled out the option, saying that he would only support it so far as it is clean and safe.

Do you think McCain can convince moderate voters that he would better address the energy crisis? Will emphasizing Obama's party-voting effectively answer Obama's assertions that McCain votes the Bush line?


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