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WTF: Twerking Halloween Costumes?

Aug 21 2014 - 1:00pm

Trick or twerk? Yandy [1] — the one-stop-shop for ridiculous sexy Halloween costumes [2] — has really outdone themselves this year with their twerk costumes category [3]. You may be thinking, just how many Miley Cyrus costumes [4] could warrant its own category? But alas, it's even more disturbing than that. Without further ado, let's take a peek at some of these "twerk costumes."

Source: Yandy [5]

Wonder Heroine Costume

Wonder Woman kicks butt, she doesn't shake butt. Sigh.

Source: Yandy [6]

Green Furry Costume

Wow, that shiny fabric really accentuates the twerk.

Source: Yandy [7]

Sexy Ninja Costume

I appreciate how the ribbons move with the twerk.

Source: Yandy [8]

Sexy Rascally Rabbit Costume

Even furry animals aren't safe from the twerk.

Source: Yandy [9]

Pink Pumpkin Patch Doll Costume

Sexy baby dolls twerking is just wrong.

Source: Yandy [10]

Apple Bottom Country Girl Costume

I guess this one makes sense?

Source: Yandy [11]

Sexy Fire Fighter Costume

I'm just really mesmerized by this one; can't come up with a witty comment.

Source: Yandy [12]

Deluxe Brown Bear Costume

What's up with all the stuffed bears on her leg warmers? Another poor animal forced to twerk.

Source: Yandy [13]

Sexy Mouse Costume

Oh come on. Mickey Mouse doesn't twerk!

Source: Yandy [14]

Twerkin' Halloween Costume

And the costume that started it all. Thanks, Miley!

Source: Yandy [15]

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