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Two Air Force Leaders Ousted For Nuclear Mishap

Two US Air Force leaders must resign due to their involvement in the accidental sending of four nuclear warhead fuses to Taiwan, in place of helicopter batteries.

The ousting of Air Force secretary Michael W. Wynne, as well as the force's chief of staff, Gen. T. Michael Moseley, come after a still classified report leveled serious allegations against the two.

America, which has criticized Russia for its management of nuclear weapons and material, seems to be having trouble of its own. Irresponsible handling of dangerous weapons impedes the US's ability to make the case that countries like Iran and North Korea should be halted from developing nuclear power. When the US cannot keep track of its nuclear program, it appears dangerous as well.

Meanwhile, Iran has threatened to sue Western states. To see why,


Iran accuses the West of damaging Iran's reputation and pressuring the UN Security Council to meddle in its civilian nuclear program. Iran is also accusing the US of basing its obsession with Iran's nuclear program on false evidence that claims Iran has tried to make nuclear weapons.

Does the recent news — that the US sent nuclear weapon material to Taiwan on accident — make you think the US is all talk and no walk when it comes to nuclear proliferation issues? Or does the fact that the top brass were asked to leave mean America is still a legitimate leader in the quest to make the world safe?


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