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You KNOW You've Had at Least 1 of These 11 Types of Exes

Aug 11 2015 - 10:00am

If it's been six months since you broke up with your ex and he's still texting you daily asking what you had for lunch, you might be dealing with a stage-five clinger [1]. Maybe you've found yourself wondering "what if" more and more, or perhaps you even met up with him to find out (how'd that work out for you?). Hey, maybe you've got us all beat and you and your former beau are the best of friends. We've all got exes, and with them comes considerable baggage — some good, some bad. Below are some of the types you've probably seen come and (hopefully) go.

The Yo-Yo

It's OK, we all go there. And then back again. Maybe a few times . . .

The Ghost

No Facebook, no Instagram, no Twitter. The guy fell off the the face of the planet after you broke up.

The Friend

It may have been rough for a little while post-breakup, but you two managed to work things out, and you're better friends than ever now.

The Analyzer

The ex that needs to understand every aspect of the breakup and wants to rehash it all.

The Jerk

Need we say more?

Source: MTV [2]

The Wronged

You admit it; this one was on you.

The Clinger

Late-night texts, weird calls with heavy breathing on the other end, long emails.

The One That Got Away

If you knew then what you know now . . .

The Married Ex

You're not bitter; you're happy for him. So. Happy.

The Ex-Boyfriend With a New Boyfriend

Hopefully you saw that one coming.

The Teacher

The ex who taught you more about yourself than you ever knew.

Source: ABC Family [3]

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