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7 Types of Friends You Can't Live Without

Feb 5 2015 - 1:00pm

There's something to be said for a full, well-rounded group of friends — a support network that can be there for you no matter what you need. Although some friends check off plenty of boxes, it's hard to depend on just one person. That's why we're highlighting important relationships everyone should have. For a sentimental look at the sorts of people you should surround yourself with, take a look at seven must-have friends in every woman's life.

— Additional reporting by Tara Block

The Sisterly Friend

Nobody knows you quite like the people who grew up with you. Your friend from way back when knows why you love boy bands, where you had your first kiss, and who took you to prom. That familiarity goes a long way, and surrounding yourself with people who knew you early on can bring you back to your truest self.

The Friend Who Listens

Sure, most people listen to some degree, but it's important to find a friend who actually takes in what you've said — without judgment — and does what she can to help you fix the problem. The key to creating that kind of relationship? Being a good listener yourself. When you're curious and attentive, you'll draw in others like you.

The Friend With Similar Hobbies

There's something to be said for friends who are different and bring something new to the table, but friends who share your interests are just as important. Having a girlfriend to talk yoga, sports, or blogging with means you won't have to irritate all your other friends by gushing over a topic they know nothing about.

The Up-For-Anything Friend

She's always looking for a new adventure, she pushes you to challenge yourself, and she fully embraces who she is. That fearless, up-for-anything friend is crucial when it comes to staying social, moving forward, and discovering new experiences.

The Tough-Love Friend

Everyone needs to be called out sometimes, and she's the person you can count on to tell you the bare, honest truth — even if it's not exactly what you'd like to hear. Surrounding yourself with "yes" people can be dangerous, and a friend who isn't afraid to break out the tough love means you'll always have someone to save you from yourself.

The Co-Worker-Turned-Friend

Getting through a 9-to-5 is all the more enjoyable when you've got a BFF by your side. It's nice to have someone else who understands your office bubble and loves the neighborhood happy-hour spot as much as you do. The only issue? You can't always be entirely open, since you need to maintain some sense of professionalism in your relationship.

The Best Guy Friend

When you need that honest male perspective, enter your best guy friend, who can help to balance you out and compensate for all that estrogen in your life. Gay or straight, preferably he's not someone you would be romantically interested in.

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