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Unintentionally Funny: Ask Men Decodes Feminism

Ask Men recently called in a woman to answer the pressing question: what feminist demands do women want men to ignore?

The list the "relationship correspondent" came up with is awesomely and unintentionally funny, as is the accompanying article. Of course, the writer points out that she's not talking about "the stereotypical, garden-variety, hairy-armpit feminist." Instead she's focused on the "sexy feminist" — the non-clingy girlfriend who can pay her own bills.

The list of "those pesky feminist demands that even the most independent of women is expecting you to ignore" include:

  • "I can carry my own bag."
  • "Don't objectify me!"
  • "I'll pay my share."
  • "I can think for myself!"
  • "I won't be shackled into a marriage."

Would you be happy if men ignored these so-called feminist demands?

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