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Unusual eBay Feedback

People are finding more and more ways of expressing themselves. I mean, not everyone can get a book deal or write that screenplay. Rather than be a troll and take out your angst in Internet discussion forums and the comments sections of blogs, you can leave unusual eBay feedback to show the world what a clever and witty person you are. Here are some of my faves, but you can click here to see more.

  • POSITIVE: Item shipped quickly, have been having erotic dreams about seller. Thanks!
  • POSITIVE: I don't really remember what I ordered. But I've been sitting in the box it came in all day, and it's great!
  • NEGATIVE: Despite indication in listing, I could not fit item into any of my body cavities.
  • NEGATIVE: Very nice monkey mascot costume, but it's a size 34, not a 63 as advertised.
  • NEGATIVE: Though you did nothing wrong, I am giving you this negative feedback to teach you that the universe is arbitrary and unfair.
  • NEGATIVE: Buying this Space 1999 Lunchbox did not fill the void in my empty life for as long as I'd hoped.


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