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Utah Paper Won't Print Same-Sex Wedding Announcement

Utah Paper Won't Print Same-Sex Wedding Announcement

Tyler Barrick and Spencer Jones were legally married in San Francisco on June 17, 2008. The couple is headed to Jones's hometown in southern Utah next week for a family party, so they thought it would be fitting to print a wedding announcement in hometown paper The Spectrum. Unfortunately, the paper didn't think the news of their marriage was fit to print.

Initially the paper agreed, but asked that the announcement be printed without a photo, since showing a husband and husband might make readers uncomfortable. The couple asked the publisher to reconsider their photo, but ultimately, the newspaper rejected the request altogether, saying that it only publishes announcements for marriages legal under Utah law.

Jones, who was raised Mormon, has commented on the personal importance of the announcement:

"I've thought a lot about the gay and lesbian kids who are surely all over the place in southern Utah. . . . When I was a kid . . . I would have loved to have seen a picture of two guys having their life together celebrated in the paper."

Attempting to print a marriage announcement in anti-gay-marriage territory seems like a creative way to call attention to the cause. Do you think it was a good idea?

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