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Walk of Shame Kit: Hilarious or Horrifying?

The whole point of the walk of shame — that walk away from the previous night's hookup you're not exactly proud of — is that it's unplanned.

So I'm guessing the Walk of Shame Kit must be humorous. ($35 is pretty steep for a gag gift!) The kit includes a backpack, dress, flip-flops, sunglasses, pre-pasted toothbrush, wipes (ewww!), a call/don't call note card, and a cancer awareness bracelet (huh?). I'm scratching my head more than I am laughing and probably wouldn't buy this for myself or for a friend, but perhaps others would.

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jessy777 jessy777 6 years
I hate the term "walk of shame". Cancer bracelet? What is that? So if you support the fight against cancer you couldn't possibly be doing the walk of shame. Call/Don't Call card?! This kit is disgusting and another form of slut shaming sexually active women. Gross!!!
French-Kiss French-Kiss 6 years
Sounds like a really nice jock =)
robinlh912 robinlh912 6 years
I just seems like a good just in case thing to have. Like keep it in your car or something, just in case or something. I suppose it depends on how the osfm dress really fits.
jennjennnbubba jennjennnbubba 6 years
oh durr after reading the site and comments, I get it now. my bad
jennjennnbubba jennjennnbubba 6 years
oh durr after reading the site and comments, I get it now. my bad
jennjennnbubba jennjennnbubba 6 years
it is pretty funny to me but I wouldn't buy it for me or others... I'm still lost on the bracelet though :?
Pistil Pistil 6 years
I commented, but it was tagged for links. I'm not sure if/when it will show, so sorry if I end up with two posts: I think this is funny. Not that I would have a use for it, but I know a friend who would appreciate the humor and practicality :)
tlsgirl tlsgirl 6 years
spacekatgal - you can definitely wear the same stuff home...the problem being that the "night out" clothes are a little obvious when worn home, rumpled, in the light of day.
redchick152 redchick152 6 years
lol...this is funny! i wouldnt buy it though!
floppyfish1986 floppyfish1986 6 years
The site says a position of the money made goes to the breast cancer foundation, so that makes a little more sense. This would be cuter if you could customize the dress and flip flops, which is a good reason to make your know...Of course you'd have to carry a big bag out to fit all that stuff in it.
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