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Walking and Orgasms

Unfortunately I'm not referring to spontaneous orgasms experienced solely from walking — although that would be amazing — I'm talking about how the way in which a woman walks can give insight into her ability to reach orgasm. A recent study shows that if a woman walks with an energetic, flowy stride, she's most likely having a great time between the sheets. She'll appear to walk with ease, without tensed muscles, and with a sort of freedom or sensuality.

In this interesting study, women were asked to fill out a sex questionnaire and rate whether they have orgasms "often or always," or "rarely or never." They were then asked to walk 100 meters while being observed by two sexologists, who placed each woman in one of two groups: orgasmic or non-orgasmic. Get this — the sexologists placed them in the right group 81 percent of the time, signifying that they could tell how orgasmic each woman was based on her walk!

The researchers said that length of stride and the rotation of a woman's vertebrae may determine her vaginal orgasm potential, but other experts aren't really falling for this, and to be honest, I'm not either. I think every woman (as long as she is healthy and has no physical issues) should be capable of having an orgasm, and the way she walks has nothing to do with it. Maybe these woman are walking with joy and freedom because they have orgasms, or maybe just because they are happy people! What do you think?


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