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6 Creative Ways to Remember Your Wedding Day

Aug 19 2014 - 6:00am

If you recently got married or have an anniversary coming up, there are a lot of ways you can remember your big day. You probably already have a traditional scrapbook or photo album, but don't stop there. Here are six unexpected ways to treasure the memories!

Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet

Chances are you put a lot of time into choosing your bouquet. You can preserve this detail and cherish it forever. While you can try to DIY [1], this is probably something you want to have professionally done.

Turn Your Bouquet Into Candles

Finding the room for the preserved bouquet might be difficult for some. Instead, try turning the flowers into memory candles! Some candles can even be designed to illuminate using a disposable oil burner, so you will never actually lose the flowers within the wax.

Get Crafty With Corks

DIY [2] wall hangings with the corks from your wedding [3] can be a fun activity to do with your new spouse! There are so many things you can make. Why not start with the first initial of your new last name? Or try making matching Mr. and Mrs. signs.

Conversely, you can just make an ombré heart to remember all the love (and wine) from the big day.

Make Jewelry

Take a scrap piece of lace from your dress or veil and make it into something you can wear everyday. This can become a family heirloom to pass down to your children, so even if they don't wear your exact dress for their own wedding [4], they can still wear a piece of it.

You could also have some of the flowers from your bouquet, the boutonniere, or centerpieces preserved in a bracelet!


A shadowbox is one way to preserve your wedding [5] day that makes a great addition to any wall. The best part is this can be a DIY [6] project, so you can design it any way you want. All you need to find is a shadowbox that fits your style, then fill it with any of the mementos from your wedding. Invitations, a photo or two, and even small decorations like table numbers work great. Find the things that make you smile!

Invitation Ornaments

Lastly, you can use your leftover wedding [7] invitations for ornaments to hang during the holiday season!

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