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Diamond Ring and Wedding Band
  • "I'm not having a diamond as my centerstone on my ring, and I'm not getting a wedding band." — onlysourcherry

Photo by Dan O'Day via Green Wedding Shoes

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Standard Venue
  • "I had a destination wedding, so we tailored the ceremony around what was really US. We got married in a stone memorial garden in St. Stephens green (Dublin), with a local musician doing the music. We wrote our own vows, and had the entire small group take communion. After that, we celebrated with a large amazing meal, with a lot of wine, & great community. Without the reception traditions to keep us busy, we were able to spend a few hours truly celebrating and conversing with those we loved. After, our friends went out to the pubs & danced. We are not a fan of any traditions but the ones with actual meaning and value, so it was a relief to so easily ditch them." — Briana M

Photos by We Love Pictures via 100 Layer Cake

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Ceremony First Look
  • "We'd love to do more 'first look' shoots BEFORE the ceremony . . . the makeup is fresh; no tear streaks, etc. But alas it's a tough sell to the traditional brides here" — DCPG
  • "We skipped the toast (no alcohol!) and had photos beforehand so as not to keep guests waiting. It was perfect!" — ShyVioletJewels
  • "We're doing a 'first look' photo shoot BEFORE the wedding. That got quite the GASP from our families." — J (Sparkly Love)

Photos by Orange Girl Photographs via Style Me Pretty

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Matching Bridesmaid Dresses
  • "I'm going to let my bridesmaids pick out their own dress. As long as they are in the same color family, I think they will look great!" — wolfpackgal
  • "If I have bridesmaids, I'll let them choose their dresses. They'll be the same color, but they can choose whatever style is most flattering." — bluesarahlou

Photo by Christian Oth Studio via Style Me Pretty

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Aisle Walk With Dad
  • "I want my mother and my father to both walk me down the aisle." — onlysourcherry
  • "Father walking me down the aisle (husband and I walked together down)" — Anonymous

Photo by Erin Hearts Court

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Standard Nosh
  • "The filet. I swear I've had filet at every wedding I've ever been to, mine included. Go for something fabulously nontraditional." — stylemepretty
  • "Formal/buffet dinner (we had a falafel truck)" — Anonymous

Photo by Beaux Arts Photographie via Style Me Pretty

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Garter Toss
  • "If I had to pick I'd say the garter belt. I swear there is just something wrong about having someone put their hand up your leg and remove clothing in front of your family. Idk but it's too much for me" — Danielle
  • "At a cousin's wedding, I watched one very drunk male cousin put the garter on another cousin and it was scarring. It is a traumatic event and I think its so trashy." — doucettr
  • "We skipped the bouquet and garter toss. No desire to have anyone touch my leg, thank you!" — amber512

Photo by Cathy and David Photographers via Style Me Pretty

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Bouquet Toss
  • "I suggest skipping the bouquet & garter toss. Start a new tradition! . . . I heard of a tradition of baking a prize in with the cake. Whoever got prize piece won something." — DillowWeddings
  • "I also skipped garter + bouquet toss — when you wed in your 30s there isn't much of an crowd that's left for that (and those that are don't want to be called out!)" — I Do Declare
  • "Throwing the bouquets to a bunch of desperate women doesn't appeal to me either. I always refused to participate in these." — Juicylemon

Photo by One Love Photo via Green Wedding Shoes

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Cake Cutting/Cake in the Face
  • "Please end the whole cake cutting thingy!! NOBODY CARES!" — jscejka
  • "Probably the cake, but we'll see. For sure the stupid smush cake in each other's face thing. I hate that more than words can say." — snarkypants
  • "I also didn't do a cake cutting, just served some delicious ice cream cake. It tasted better too." — Anonymous

Photo by Jerry Yoon Photography via Style Me Pretty

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The Wedding Itself
  • "Weddings themselves . . . do it the Ancient Egyptian way, move in together and have a party to celebrate. My GF and I don't plan on ever getting married we do plan on staying together for life however we don't see a reason for legal and societal entanglements." — Jason
  • "We did without all the extras. Just me and the hubby, no reception, friends, family. Been 5 years this year now and I am so glad I did without all the stress!" —  Anonymous
  • "Most people in my church do a ring ceremony after the private marriage ceremony. I don't want to. I'm just gonna do a brunch reception. No first dance, no bouquet toss, none of that. Just a party where my friends and I celebrate the fact that I just started a family with the greatest guy in the world!" — myhousemd

Photo by The Why We Love via Green Wedding Shoes

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