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Week in Weird News: Man and Dummy Ride in Commuter Lane

  • Man Caught With Dummy in the Commuter Lane — A man was caught in the carpool lane trying to use a dummy to fill his passenger seat. Cops pulled him over because his fake companion wasn't buckled up.
  • Day Care Serves 10 Kids Wiper Fluid — A daycare worker in Little Rock, AK, accidentally served children car wiper fluid, instead of Kool-Aid. One child was hospitalized.
  • Vampire Skull Found in Venice — A skull of a woman was uncovered in Venice, Italy. It appears the woman was buried with a brick in her mouth, the ritual used for suspected vampires.
  • Man Fails to Rob Tae Kwon Do Studio — A robber unsuccessfully tried to steal from a Tae Kwon Do studio. Instead he was chased by the Tae Kwon Do master, who grabbed and held him by the neck until the police came.
  • Woman Buys Couch With Cat Inside — A woman bought a used couch for $27, only to find a cat trapped inside it days later.


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Kelliegrl Kelliegrl 6 years
The first story isn't that strange, I've heard many stories of people doing this. It's foolish of course.
Carrie-Sue Carrie-Sue 6 years
*I worked at a daycare years ago in mid-KY...with some of the workers I could see that happening. Parents really need to check into the credentials of the people they trust to watch over their children. *Was the cat half-dead? Because I can't imagine going for days (especially if she sat on the couch) and not hearing it.
flutterpie flutterpie 6 years
when i read that blurb i bet my co worker ten bucks it came from california, lets just say i got a free lunch today
chatondeneige chatondeneige 6 years
Oh, c'mon! My cats are buckled in when they ride with me to the vet, why wouldn't you buckle in a dummy? I remember there was a big to do in AZ once when a pregnant woman insisted that her baby (the one still in her belly) counted as her second passenger! ;)
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