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Ladies of Manure

With a tagline like "a pictorial calendar that will get you to rethink all your waste, even your daily number ones and twos," how can you not want a Ladies of Manure 2013 Calendar? Because nothing goes together better than poo and sexy models.

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Zombie Mermaids

Did you know that zombie mermaids were even a thing? Me neither.

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Butt Guy

All I have to say after seeing the Butt Guy 2013 Wall Calendar is . . . hot.

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Hot Guys and Baby Animals

The Hot Guys and Baby Animals Calendar is baaack, and we're happy to see this pairing made in hot guy heaven.

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Naked Archaeologists

Fan of archaeology? Find body paint sexy? You're in luck! The Naked Archaeologist Calendar 2013 is right up your alley.

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Accordion Babes

This Accordion Babe Pin-Up Calendar could make the perfect gift for that special accordion fan in your life.

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Bare-Naked Cavemen

This New Year, be sure to pick up the hottest ticket in town: Bare Naked Caving 2013.

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Nice Jewish Guys

Attention nice Jewish girls, we've got the calendar for you! It's the 2013 Nice Jewish Guys Calendar, and it's pretty self-explanatory.

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Bilbo and the Girls

I don't know about you, but there's something about a man made of plastic. If you have the same sentiments, you'll love this Fun With Bilbo and the Girls calendar, featuring a ripped action figure and his three girlfriends.

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Hot Chicks With Mustaches

If you like your ladies on the hairy side, pick up this Hot Chicks With Mustaches: 2013 Mini Wall Calendar.

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Kat Daddies

Cat lovers are sure to love the Kat Daddy 2013 Calendar featuring your next boyfriend posing with felines.

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