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What To Do If Guy Friend Says He Likes You

What If Your Guy Friend Said He Liked You?

Here's a post from OnSugar blog My DISFunkshion.

I’ve had guy friends since I was little, and sometimes I preferred hanging out with boys because, with them, it was always relaxed and very casual.

I like to be quirky and feel like I’m one of them, and crack jokes like guys do. So you can imagine how bizarre it felt when, recently, one of my very good guy friends told me that he likes me. He indicated to me clearly that he wants to be with me one night when we were just lounging and discussing art.

In fear of the situation turning awkward, I gave him a high-five and told him nonchalantly that I like him, too (as a friend, of course). I always believed that circumstances only turn awkward if you make them awkward — so I made sure we kept our art conversation going.

There were many options I could choose from to respond him. I decided not to tell him straightforwardly that the feeling isn’t mutual, because I know how he deals with rejection and his temper. I also know that we both value our friendship to let this drift us apart. Thankfully, we are still good friends and talk like we used to.

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