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What to Do When Your Boss Annoys You

Awkward! My Boss Keeps Leaving "Presents" on My Desk

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I'm not sure why, but my boss keeps putting things on my desk and calling them "presents." But they're more like trash. Instead of asking "I don't want this, do you?" she just keeps setting things on my desk saying "here's a present for you." Sometimes I'll come in in the morning to find things she's left on my desk when I wasn't there.

There have been half-eaten boxes of chocolate, writing pads from her visits to hotels, ink pens that don't work, even other people's business cards. With each paycheck that the company distributes they staple coupons from a local amusement park onto the check. Everyone gets a few but she'll still set hers on my desk. If I say "no thanks, I've already got some" she'll just say "well you can have mine too" but guess what lady I DON'T WANT YOUR TRASH!

I've even tried setting things back on her desk but she'll just say "Oh don't you want that?" I'm not sure why she does it but I think it's rude. Something that is obviously trash should just be thrown away. Don't just assume that I want it, set it on my desk and walk away.

How can I get her to stop this annoying habit?

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