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What's Going On With North Korea?

What's Going On With North Korea?

Everybody's taking about how President Obama will face a defiant world at the G20 conference. But that group of industrialized countries, upset with the US economic policy, seem like America's BFFs compared to North Korea. According to the US military, North Korea will test launch a rocket next month that could reach Hawaii. Talk about defiant.

The launch, which North Korea touts as a satellite launch, raises concerns that North Korea is boosting its long-range missile capabilities.

Toward the end of last year, President Bush took North Korea off the US list of state sponsors of terror. While the era of terror lists and axes of evil might be over, let's hope someone's keeping an eye on North Korea. So far it looks like Japan has picked up that slack — the neighbor says it will shoot down the missile or its debris if North Korea goes forward.

Since the launch is set to happen between April 4 and 8, we'll soon know how this latest game of chicken ends.


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