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What Happened on Super Tuesday

Headline: Democratic Race Not Over, Plus Republican Surprises!

Now that the dust has settled from yesterday's primaries, the real work can begin — figuring out what to make of all results! Here's what I'm noticing so far:

  • In what I'm calling the "Wild West Stampede to the Center," it looks like states that usually vote Blue in the general election went for McCain last night (California, Illinois, New York) while Obama nabbed Red States (Alabama, Georgia, North Dakota). Does this mean that Democrats are more liberal in conservative states and vice versa? Or does it mean that we're hungrier for a middle ground than we think?
  • Obama took more total states, while Hillary grabbed more delegates. In a race of numbers, which counts more toward momentum? Are people so glad that their vote has an impact in this primary that they're eager to keep the race alive? If the decision does go all the way to convention, how will the sharply divided Democratic party gather strongly behind the eventual candidate?
  • Huckabee? Huckabee! Regardless of the perceived popularity of his campaign, he's running a wildly successful campaign against those in the media who were too quick to declare him DOA. Mitt Romney's bottomless campaign wallet and Huckabee's shoestring fueled talk of a two-man race between Romney and McCain, dismissing Huckabee altogether. Huckabee claimed about as many states as Romney did last night, sending Romney into intense discussions about the future of his campaign. As Huck said last night, "You know, over the past few days, people have been trying to say this is a two-man race. You know what? It is. And we're in it!" Was the biggest loser last night the media? Are conservative voters not sold on Mitt Romney?

However your candidate fared yesterday, it was a big victory for voters! Turnout was up — and we've got a lot of campaign left!


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