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What Happens at The Bachelor Casting Call?

What to Expect When You Try Out For The Bachelor

Last week I made my reality TV guilty pleasure a little more real by checking out The Bachelor casting call in San Francisco. Walking up to the hotel, I could see signs of the show. Women wearing far too little clothes for a chilly SF Summer day and far more makeup than I'm used to seeing in a typically low-key city passed me by. As I went down to the room, filled with a good-sized crowd of put-together women and a few curious men theoretically looking to start the journey that would lead to marriage, I pretended that I too wanted to try out. If you're as curious as I was, here are a few things you'll see at a Bachelor casting call:

  • Roses. Every person who came to try out got a rose with the application. Sadly, Chris Harrison wasn't there to officiate their distribution.
  • Drinks. While waiting for their interviews, most people could be seen carrying a glass of white wine or a tall vodka soda. "Just like the show!" I thought.
  • Big hair. It was only 5 p.m. in a random hotel conference room, but judging by the prevalence of big hair and heels, you would have thought you were in a Vegas club. My messy ponytail definitely made me stand out.
  • Flirting. Considering you could assume everyone there was looking for love and single (OK, maybe past seasons have taught us not to assume that one), I observed a lot of flirting. There must have been a 20:1 female to male ratio, so the guys had it good.

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  • Confidentiality agreements. I managed to avoid signing one, although that meant I never got in front of the producers, but it's clear they want to keep things secret right from the start.
  • Team Vienna vs. Team Jake. Everyone I spoke with had a surprisingly earnest opinion on the controversial couple from last season. "At least Vienna's personality was consistent," one Bachelorette-wannabe told me, explaining that she's sure things just didn't work out between Jake and Vienna once he got home and discovered what she really was like.
  • At least one drunk woman. As a contestant stumbled by toting a flute of barely contained champagne, her friend called after her "don't get in too much trouble." I'll be looking out for her next season.
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