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What's In A Man?

What's In A Man?

Dear Sugar
Is it natural for men to interfere in other mens' affairs with women? Is it jealously that drives a man to try to stop another man from having an honest relationship or is the more "manly" thing to do to step aside and move on? Moral Man

Dear Moral Man
It sounds like you have a fond respect for women and treat them as equally as you treat men. Ahhh how refreshing? What's your phone number? I am actually a little unsure how to interpret this. Are you saying that you have feelings for your friend's girl? - or - that you don't like the way your friend is treating his girl? If you like your buddy's chick then you've got a problem that unfortunately you have to live with. No matter what vibe she's giving off, you are seriously breaking the guy code if you act on it. Let her break up with him, let the dust settle and once you clear it with your friend - then you can make your move. If you don't like the way your friend treats his girlfriend, again, you should take it up with him alone one day. Don't emasculate him in front of her - you'll only be asking for trouble.

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