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What's Up With Curvature of the Penis?

What's Up With Curvature of the Penis?

Just as all women's breasts look different, men's private parts can differ too. Some are longer, shorter, thicker, or thinner. Some even curve. Since the penis is made of muscles, if certain ones are stronger than the others, it will cause a slight bend known as congenital curvature. A slight curve is normal and fairly common, and there's really nothing wrong or anything the guy should do, unless he feels pain during an erection or sexual activity. Actually some women prefer the curve, especially if it's bent upward since it can stimulate her G-spot better.

What if the bend is more severe, or the angle makes it difficult for the guy to enter his partner without it hurting? To find out


If the curve makes sex a discomforting challenge, then the guy may have a condition known as Peyronie’s disease. An extreme curve in the penis can be painful, and can cause hardened, cord-like lesions to form on the skin. This disease usually develops in males between the ages of 40 and 60, but can happen at any time. The symptoms may appear suddenly or slowly, and vary in severity. Peyronie’s occurs in about one to four percent of the male population, and doctors aren't yet sure what causes this condition, though possibilities include injury, infection, or a vitamin E deficiency. If this sounds familiar, even though it may be embarrassing to address, it's best for the guy to see a urologist. They can help diagnose the problem and offer treatment so the man can get back to enjoying sex again.


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