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What Was Your Worst Summer Job?

Before we all get the fabulous jobs that express our personalities and true abilities — we often have to suck it up in crap jobs.

Yes, they help us build character. Yes, we learn how to budget small amounts of money, learning the valuable fiscal lesson that no amount of saving will buy us a trip to Paris and allow us to purchase our dream wardrobes on a part-time, minimum-wage salary. And the most important lesson of all is we learn how to be employees — dealing with annoying bosses, rude customers, and weird co-workers.

I wore many hats as a teen. I served cocktails (yes, you can do that legally in Texas even if you're not old enough to drink); I slaved in a fast-food joint; and I cashiered behind the counter of a fancy French bakery. (There, I picked up two habits — one which I still have, the other which I've rid myself of: the desire for strong coffee, and the ability to smoke an unfiltered Gitane cigarette. Ouch!)

The worst Summer job I ever had? Grocery bagger. I accidentally smashed children's fingers, forgot people's food in their shopping carts (trust me, I still remember the unhappy woman who returned to retrieve her forgotten watermelon), and worst of all, I endured the hot sun on my delicate skin. I lasted a day. What was your worst summer job?


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