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When Is a Good Time to Meet the Parents?

Rantings of a Single Girl: Meet the Parents

Here's a post from OnSugar blog Rantings of a Single Girl.

I've always been nervous about bringing guys home to meet the parents. I'd never be able to date and certainly not marry someone that they don't approve of. Okay, never say never, but the odds are pretty good that I wouldn't be able to. I've heard/know of too many people who have in-law horror stories. I wouldn't want any strong animosity between my husband and my parents or me with his parents.

Plus I respect my parents. Their opinion does matter . . . to an extent.

The other reason I'm not always thrilled about taking a guy home is that my dad is freaking scary when it comes to picking out personalities. Any guy I've brought home that he said wasn't good for me, wasn't. And I just don't want to hear that a guy I really like enough to bring home isn't good enough according to my dad. I'm not talking the "no man will ever be good enough for my baby girl" rubbish. I'm talking the my dad gives me a look, pulls me to the side, and says, "He's no good for you."

All the scary meet the parents stuff aside, when is a good time to take a someone home? When you are comfortable with him? Is there a time frame? Obviously a week is a little soon. And I'd think that a year is too long. Six months? Do you count from when you started dating? Or when you became serious? Or when you first kissed? Or maybe even when you first had sex? And last but not least, do you just wait until your significant other starts complaining that you haven't taken them home yet?

When do you take them home to meet the parents?

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