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Where I'm Clicking Now: Radar Digs Into Secret Societies

Where I'm Clicking Now: Radar Digs Into Secret Societies

I hopped on this Radar article immediately, hoping it would have a little info on Skull and Bones, the secret Yale organization that allegedly both George W. and Kerry belong to (as well as 8 million other important men) and the subject of that seminal Joshua Jackson flick, The Skulls — it doesn't but I realized that little club is child's play.

This story is about the biggies — those exclusive closed societies that secretly rule the world. The Bohemian Grove, the men-only Lord of the Flies meets a steakhouse where allegedly Arnold Schwarzenegger was cherry-picked to run for governor. The Masons, are my favorite because their motto speaks to my highly obsessive nature: "Ordo ab Chao" (Order Out of Chaos) the Trilateral Commission allows chicks, and the Bilderberg Group — the group tons of conspiracy theorists think actually runs all of the world's governments.

Check it out. Do you think the legends about these groups are true? Do they have the power that everyone thinks they do?


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