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Who's the Boss?

Who's the Boss?

Dear Sugar
My employer is taking advantage of me, and I need some serious advice. I work for a family child care facility (a daycare at someone else's home) and the lady that I work for is always bailing on me the second I step in the door. I have been there since September, and every day that I have come into work she has left for hours on end. Sometimes, I have been left with six to seven children by myself.

My boss has already caught the attention of some parents that have noticed her desertion of her business. In fact, one parent even called child services reporting that my boss is not there 80% of the time which is illegal in this business and that phone call did nothing to make her more present.

She has recently hired me for a full time schedule. I am a mother, a wife, and am currently taking classes for childhood development which start in two days. I can not afford to quit my job, and I love working with the children, but I don't know how to continue working for a woman I don't respect. Do you have any advice for me? Picking up the Slack Penny

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Dear Picking up the Slack Penny
Yikes, this woman sounds extremely selfish and in the wrong profession. Spending your days with children is such a rewarding job so I am sorry you are feeling conflicted about your work. Taking care of seven kids on your own is no small task so I completely understand your frustration with this woman.

Have you confronted her about how overwhelmed you are? Did child services take any action against the claims that she is absent at work to ensure a positive change? You definitely have your hands full right now so getting help at work is a must.

If your boss isn't willing to pitch in, might you suggest getting another employee to help manage the heavy load? Since this woman is your boss, unfortunately, she is entitled to do whatever she wants. Ultimately, you will have to decide if your frustration is manageable or if you will be better off working at a different childcare facility.

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