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Who to Bring as Your Plus One to a Wedding

Your Plus One: 5 Foolish Choices and 5 Foolproof Dates

Not in a serious relationship and stressing about the looming RSVP date on that wedding invite? Have no fear. Just follow this guide to find out who you'll be forced to babysit versus who will help you celebrate.

Five Foolish Choices

  1. Your Hookup Buddy. We can take the tip from Jon Hamm's character in Bridesmaids. Do you really want to explain your "special" relationship to everyone? Or worse, do you want your buddy to explain it for you?
  2. That Guy You Met Last Week. Yes, he was handsome. Yes, you had a connection. But let's take things slow. We don't want to scare off a great guy with wedding talk too soon.
  3. Your Friend Without a Filter. We all know him and love him, but we cringe when he always finds the way to say the wrong thing at the worst time. He's probably not your best bet for a wedding date.
  4. A Blind Date. I think we can agree that a wedding isn't ideal blind or first date territory.
  5. Your Ex. Sure, you and your ex are both close with the couple. I know. He may even ask if you'll go with him, but don't be fooled. This day is a celebration of a solid relationship, not an excuse to harp on the demise of your past. Trust us; just say no.

For five foolproof options, read on.

Five Foolproof Dates

  1. The Life of the Party. Have a close friend you love to just hang with? You know he'll be a social butterfly and the antithesis of the awkward date. Ask him to be your plus one.
  2. Your Awesome Gay Friend. No romantic expectations necessary! Instead, opt for a guaranteed great night full of champagne with your favorite dance partner.
  3. Your Best Girlfriend. Your best friend will completely understand if you don't want to show up alone. Just like your awesome gay friend, she will similarly serve as a partner in crime.
  4. The Guy You've Been Dating For a Few Months. Worried about asking your new dude to be your date? Just be honest and ask if he'd like to accompany you, setting the precedent of no pressure and no expectations. Be brave. You may surprise yourself.
  5. Yourself. Fly solo! Showcase that independence! And hey, maybe you'll meet some handsome groomsman.
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