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Whose Message Is Planned Parenthood Looking to Abort?

Sometimes Liberty and I get tired of listening to ourselves talk — luckily there are a lot of smart folks running around Sugar HQ. Colleenb just blogged about her complicated relationship with Planned Parenthood and who they're out to get in this campaign. Take a peek and see what she had to say:

Young women love to love Planned Parenthood; I hate to hate it. But I do. Sort of. I feel terrible about it.

I find them so brazenly one-sided — and I agree with them! I've donated money. I've been an postabortion counselor. I even open their emails. With subjects like "I [Heart] My Cervix," wouldn't you? And now I am getting real mail. They just sent me my latest assignment in the course of being a uterus owner: Ensure America knows John McCain's position on women's health.

Of course, in the language of progressive politics, "women's health" roughly translates to "will I still be able to get an abortion? Legally." So where does John McCain stand?

To find out,


Well, we're lucky he stands at all, so as you might imagine, women's health is not an issue on which he stands tall. A prolifer, he does condone abortion when pregnancy results from rape or incest or when the woman's life is endangered. This is what I expect to hear from a Republican in the general election — conservative but not inflexible.

Don't get me wrong! I would not vote for McCain. Do. Not. Want. But I understand the prolife position and see how people arrive at it; there should be a candidate who represents it.

Nonetheless, staunchly prochoice Planned Parenthood is going to set them straight. They've launched a campaign and are arming everyone who has ever given them their time or money — and address! — with the truth about John McCain. According to the letter:

In the Senate, McCain has an unrelenting antichoice voting record. He opposes almost all abortions. He has also voted in opposition to comprehensive sex education, which can help reduce the need for abortion. He supports the Bush Administration Federal Abortion Ban. And he has made perfectly clear that overturning Roe v. Wade would be a priority in his administration.

That's not an idle threat when just one more antichoice justice in the US Supreme Court could spell an end to Roe v. Wade.

Emphasis is theirs!

And they’re not just relying on paper to spread the word; they’ve got a website: The Truth About John McCain. They mean well. They do. But I cannot stand their aggressive delivery. As soon as hear the words "antichoice" and on the other side "antilife," I stop listening.

If Planned Parenthood turns off a supporter, how do they plan to bring over those on the fence?

Do you agree with colleenb? Does disagreeing with the delivery of a message sometimes overshadow your approval of it? Do you agree with Planned Parenthood's thoughts on McCain? How does he stack up on the choice issue against Hillary and Obama? Is it important to you?


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