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Why Are Dreams so Bizarre?

I love to hear about other people's dreams because they can be bizarre, especially the ones about sex or relationships since I'm convinced they're trying to tell people something juicy! Dreams can be so weird sometimes and according to Real Simple, there's actually a biological reason for it. In everyone's head, there's a part of the brain known as the prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for logic and reasoning. When you're snoozing, it goes temporarily dormant so your thoughts go uncensored. Dreams bring up snippets of old memories and recent experiences, but they're not necessarily in any semblance of order so they can seem illogical on the surface. Sometimes if you dig deeper and try to figure out what the images and events in your dreams symbolize, they can give you insight into your true feelings. Well that is for some of our dreams anyway. Other dreams may not be profound at all and could just be a patchwork of nonsense.

Experts believe that whether they make sense or not, dreams can help you emotionally understand new experiences, prepare you for change, help you cope with stress or trauma, and help you solve problems. Some experts also believe that dreams can foreshadow the future. So if you pay attention to your dreams, tell me, do they tend to have hidden meanings or messages behind them, or are your dreams usually a jumbled potpourri of absolutely nothing?


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