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Why Humans Are So Irresistible to Vampires

3 Reasons Humans Are So Irresistible to Vampires

We know why humans are infatuated with vampires, but why do vampires return the obsession? There's, of course, the practical reason — vampires need human blood to live. Yet what drives vampires not to drink a woman to death? Oddly enough, I'd say the reasons are very human.

  • Fleeting: A human's lifespan is hardly more than a long night to a vampire, so you can imagine how fleeting youth seems. We all want what we can't have, or can't have for very long. Whether it's a fleeting Summer or a fleeting life, transience is hot.
  • Human nature: In last week's True Blood, Eric says to Sookie when she's crying, "Please don't do that. It makes me feel disturbingly human." And we know — as if we didn't already — he's bitten. Vampires either try to preserve their humanity (Bill Compton, Edward Cullen) or suppress it (Eric Northman and Twilight's James), so is it any surprise they want to date it?
  • Psychic bond: Bonds are intense — whether they're between humans, vampires, or humans and vampires. When a vampire drinks a human's blood, or vice versa in True Blood, a permanent bond and undeniable attraction forms.

If I had to guess the real, less glamorous reason, it's that vampire tales have always be written for humans, particularly women. What better way to draw her in than to make her the object of the hottest vampire's affection?

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