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Why Are Women Talking About Their Periods on Facebook?

Would You Talk About Your Period on Facebook?

"In 2010 women became the majority in the workforce," is how the above video opens. I expected the next sentence to discuss the wage gap or how men still rule boardrooms, but instead the voice-over says: "Still it's difficult to talk about menstruation."

I guess I shouldn't have been surprised, since the video is part of an initiative by feminine hygiene brand SCA trying to make menstruation less taboo. The company conducted a study that found most women experience social discomfort while on their period. To combat that, SCA wants women and men to talk about menstruation during a 28-day period starting today, International Women's Day. If you start seeing "Period." show up in your Facebook feed, you'll know it's working.

Last year, a tampon-ad-meets-social-experiment from Kotex demonstrated a man's inability to calmly confront the idea of menstruation. A young woman stood outside a drug store, asking men to run inside and buy her tampons. If most men are like the one guy who said, "Can I get you toilet paper?" I have a feeling it will be tough to get many to talk about a woman's period openly. But maybe that just shows how much we need an awareness campaign like the one from SCA. Will you try to break down the taboo surrounding menstruation, or do you it's think a topic better suited for private conversation?

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